My Mission Statement and Equal Opportunities Policy

Every child is a unique individual with their own characteristics and temperament. It is important that children know that you respect them as individuals regardless of their strengths and weaknesses.

I believe equal opportunities means treating children and their families as individuals, being valued and respected for different personalities, needs interests and abilities. Making all children and families feel valued, welcomed, trusted and respected regardless of their social standing, gender, religion, nationality or colour. Where all children have equal access to an appropriate range of facilities and activities suitable to their age and stage of development.

All children shown respect and their well being is priority.

Each child will have opportunity for play and recreation.

All children in my care are given the opportunity to play with all the toys (subject to health and safety with children under 3 years of age). No toys are just for girls or just for boys. I try to ensure my toys reflect positive images of children and people from different cultures and with different abilities.

No child in my care will be discriminated against in anyway, whether for their skin colour, culture, gender, ability or religion. I will challenge any remarks that I feel are inappropriate as per my behaviour policy.

Each child has a right to express his or her views freely and have freedom of expressing taking into account the child’s age and maturity.

Plan activities around each child that suits their own learning style and stage of development.

Develop positive relationships with child based on trust and respect.

Give each child equal opportunities to develop and grown in their own unique way.

Be a positive role model do not pretend differences don't exist instead talk openly about them and encourage children to do the same.


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